Custom Safety Covers

The biggest question when ordering a safety cover is determining whether an in-stock standard safety cover will fit your pool measurements or whether you will need to order a custom made safety cover. Give us a call if you are uncertain and let our safety cover experts guide you through the process.
We are happy to assist. 1-877-527-4881.


Simply answer the questions below and if you answer YES to ANY of these questions you will need a custom made safety cover.

1. Do you want to match the anchors on a replacement cover?

2. Do you have less than 3 feet of concrete decking around the perimeter of the pool?

3. Do you have pavers, grass or wood decking anywhere around the perimeter of the pool?

4. Do you have any protrusions or obstructions within 12” from the edge of the pool?
(These would include slides or diving board mounting brackets, handrails or ladders etc.)

5. Does your pool have a custom shape or unique design?
(These design shapes would include Grecian, Lazy L, True L, Oval, Round, Roman, Kidney, and Free Form)

6. Does your pool have any cut outs or protruding step sections larger or smaller than 4’X 8’?

7. Are your protruding left or right step sections offset from the corner of your pool?


Now that you have determined that you need a custom made safety cover you will need to provide us with your pool dimensions and/or A B measurements. Simply fill out our safety cover measuring guide and email to or fax to 1-781-428-3008. When we receive either the email or fax we will contact you.

Standard Safety Covers

Standard Safety Covers are rectangular in shape and are made to fit rectangular shaped pools with either a 4’x8’ center end step or 4’x8’ flush right or left step. If your pool falls into this category and you have answered NO to ALL of the above questions standard safety covers will be right for you. Start shopping now: Standard Safety Covers and view all of your choices by simply choosing your pool size. Uncertain what to buy?
Call us-we are here to help 1-877-527-4881.

Available Safety Cover Series