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Pool Chemicals That Work

Splash Super Center carries a wide variety and large supply of the highest quality swimming pool chemicals you can find on the market. Save on superior pool chlorine, shock, balancing chemicals, and complete chemical kits. Give yourself some peace of mind by using our top-of-the-line swimming pool chemicals.

Chlorine: Used to sanitize the water so its free of bacteria, algae and other contaminants. Our pool chlorines and sanitizers have the right blend of chemicals to achieve crystal clear water. We sell 1” and 3” tabs, sticks, and granular chlorine in bulk. *Tip: Use stabilizer and conditioner to protect against sunlight and reduce chlorine demand.

Pool Shock: Raise your chlorine level quickly to achieve a clear and healthy pool. Chlorine, chlorine-free and multi-purpose shock are all available in one pound bags. Generally, one pound of powdered shock properly treats 10,000 gallons of pool water. You should use shock routinely all season long.

Algaecide: Every swimming pool should be treated with an initial dosage of concentrated algaecide. You should use algaecide routinely all season long to prevent algae growth and build-up, as directed on the container. Copper Algaecides, Non-Foaming Algaecides and Non-Metallic Algaecides are all available in one quart containers.

Balancing Chemicals: Proper pH balance is essential for equipment life span, swimmer comfort and pool finish. Pool water needs to be tested for alkalinity and pH, especially when opening your pool for the season. First, bring the alkalinity to a level of 100ppm. Generally, one pound of Total Alkalinity will bring 7,500 gallons of pool water up to 8 ppm. Your pool water’s pH should measure between 7.2 - 7.6 and should be brought into range by adding pH Rise or pH Lower.

Water Treatment: These chemicals are usually the first thing you need to add to the pool when opening for the season. Clarifiers & Flocculants help your filter clear up cloudy water. With Metal & Scale Removers, you can help prevent discoloration of pool water due to iron, manganese, copper and other metals and minerals which may be present in the water supply. These products will also help protect plumbing and pool walls from rust, stain and scale. Phosphates & Enzymes are a natural way to reduce scum lines and surface oils. 

Chemical Cleaners: Choose from a variety of formulas and brands to remove body oils, grease and grime that form around your pool. Filter Cleaner is specially formulated to remove dirt, oils and mineral deposits from your pool or spa filtration system.

Chemical Value Kits: When you purchase a Chemical Value Kit, you will get everything you need to open or close your swimming pool! Usually included is a sanitizer, a shock, and an algaecide. Winter Kits and their components are available in different sizes based on your pool gallonage to make shopping as easy as possible!

Water Testers: Test Kits and Strips provide the information needed to balance your pool chemicals. Our reliable water testing kits and strips will help you get your pool ready to swim in.

By using the proper pool chemicals, you will protect your pool equipment and extend the life of your pool. If you have an above ground or in-ground pool, our chemicals will do the job. All of our pool chemicals are safe to use with a traditional winter tarp pool cover, or a safety pool cover. Please call 877-527-4881 or email with any questions or concerns.