Solar Covers and Pool Heating Accessories

Our solar blankets reduce water evaporation and can increase your water temperature by up to 12 degrees. We also sell solar reels to make putting your pool covers on and off the pool easier. Solar mats and Rings are an increasingly popular alternative for warming up your pool water. Please give us a call if you seek more information on our products.

Solar Blankets: The most popular way to extend your swimming season, Splash Super Center carries Solar Blankets for Above Ground and In-Ground pools. No matter the size of your pool, you can always alter a solar cover to fit! Our Solar Blankets come in 8 Mil, 10 Mil, or 12 Mil thicknesses. Standard bubble shaped blankets come in blue or clear material. You can also choose to upgrade to Space Age Solar Blankets, and increase your water temperature even more!

Solar Heating: Splash Super Center provides a number of options to raise your water temperature simply with the sun. Solar Heater Mats lay on your lawn and connect directly to your pool's pump. You can also use Liquid Solar, which floats on top of the surface the pool water to reduce evaporation.

Solar Mats: Maintains and raises pool temperature by reducing evaporation, keeping heating costs down. For maximum effectiveness use multiple solar mats. The recommended coverage is 70-80% of your pools surface.

Solar Reels: Allows easy on-off for above ground or in-ground solar blankets. The solar reel kits include the heavy duty molded base, tubes, and straps. Solar reels are usually operated by a large steering wheel or crank handle that allows one person to deploy or roll up the solar cover.