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Six Chemicals to Open Your Pool

Opening your pool is an exciting time of year: and it is almost here! After months of looking at your winter cover it is now time to remove it. After removing your winter cover, you are now ready to get your water sparkling clean. Make sure your pool is ready for the first party of the season by following these best practices for opening your pool.

Opening Your Pool in 10 Easy Steps

1. Clean off your winter pool cover. If you have a solid winter cover you will want to remove as much water as you can before removing your cover. To remove the water, use...

Which Chlorine Type is best for your pool?

Chlorine for above ground pools is the same as chlorine for in ground swimming pools. There is no best chlorine type for any certain pool. Stabilized chlorine is...

Solar Cover Buying Guide

Solar pool covers capture the energy of the sun and transfer it directly into your pool water to keep it warm. These covers can help you save not only money on heating and chemical costs but also water. Solar covers are...

Troubleshooting Your Pool Cover Issues

If your pool cover has fallen into the swimming pool, you have a couple of ways to fix the problem depending on the temperatures. If the cover is frozen in the water then wait until...

Pool Chemical Articles

The Shocking Truth... About Pool Shock It is essential to shock your swimming pool when opening your pool in the spring along with regular pool maintenance during your swimming season. Pool shock is also...

Which Algaecide is Best for Your Pool? With multiple types of algaecides available, how do you determine which one is best to kill and prevent algae blooms? The algaecide that will work best...

3 Ways to Test Your Pool Water There are 3 simple ways to test your swimming pool water: Test Strips, Liquid Test Kits and Digital Testers. You should test your water 2-3 times per...

Pool Maintenance Articles

Tips for less trips to the pool store As you plan to open your pool, there are a few things to do as preparation to save time and energy once you start the process. This is a great time to conduct...

Which Winter Cover is Best For You? When searching for a winter pool cover, the best cover is the one that meets your specific needs within your budget. There are...

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