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Kokido Mano Vac

$39.97 59.99

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Poolmaster Big Sucker Leaf Vac

$49.98 99.99

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Kokido Heavy Duty Leaf Skimmer

$18.98 49.99

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Essential Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools: Choose from a variety of brushes, rakes and skimmers to make cleaning debris from your pool a smooth and quick process. Vacuum heads attach to your existing filtration system. Leaf Skimmers allow you to remove leaves and debris from the surface of the pool. Leaf rakes perform the same function, but have a larger reservoir to hold the debris. Brushes allow you to scrub any surface of the pool to get rid of the hard-to-remove dirt. For most of the items just mentioned, you will need to buy a Telescopic Pole separately to reach the bottom of your pool.