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10 Easy Steps to Opening Your Pool

10 Easy Steps to Open Your Pool

1. Clean Off the Winter Pool Cover

If you have a solid winter cover you will want to remove as much water as you can before removing your cover. To remove the water, use a submersible pool cover pump. Leaves and debris will need to be removed from both solid and mesh covers.
To remove the leaves and debris, use a leaf rake. Anything sharp can damage the cover. The more debris removed off the cover now, the less debris that could fall into the water while removing the cover.

A leaf net makes it easy to remove debris from the top of winter covers.

2. Remove the Winter Pool Cover

Carefully remove the cover using two people if available, without getting any extra debris that remains on the top of the cover into the pool. If some dirt and debris does get into the water, it's not a problem. You will be shocking and vacuuming the pool, so a small amount of water and debris won't hurt anything.

3. Clean and Store Your Winter Pool Cover

Lay the cover out on your lawn or nearby area. Wash the cover thoroughly with tap water to remove debris or chemicals. Pool Chemicals can be extremely harmful to the cover if allowed to remain on the cover. Cover should dry thoroughly before storing. By doing this, you will ensure a longer life for your pool cover.
If you are using water tubes to secure your winter cover to your deck, make sure you empty them and dry them out before storage.
Your cover should be stored indoors, such as a basement, garage, shed etc.., to protect it from the elements and animals from making a nest or eating your cover. Use a tightly covered plastic container to store your winter cover during the season.

4. Remove Winter Plugs and Ice Equalizer

Go around your pool and make sure all plugs are removed from any and all fittings in your pool including the return jet and wall skimmer. If your wall skimmer has a Gizzmo, Skim Insure or skimmer plug remove it before starting your filter system.
Re-install all your skimmer baskets and eye-ball fittings into the return line.

5. Add Water to Your Pool (If Needed)

Depending on your water level when you take the cover off, water may need to be added to your pool to bring it up to the proper level. Water level should be at least to the halfway point of your skimmer.

6. Set up Pool Equipment and Ladder

You will want to reconnect all equipment that was disconnected. This will include your pump, filter and any additional equipment that you may have.
Above Ground Pools
1.​Attach a hose from your skimmer to your pump.
2.​Attach a hose from your pump to your filter.
3.​Attach a hose from your filter to your heater, chlorinator, or any other extra filter equipment. If you don't have any, attach the hose directly to the return inlet.
Also at this stage connect the pool steps and ladders. It is a good time to inspect and clean the pool ladder to ensure a safe and fun pool experience.

7. Start up Your Pump & Filter

Turn on the power to your pool, make sure to turn the circuit breaker on from the house. At this point make sure the system starts up. Check for any leaks or drips, make sure the ground wires are properly connected to the pump. Make sure pump is primed properly and check for proper water flow back into pool. If you have an air relief valve on your filter, make sure to open it to bleed the air from the system.
Sand Filter – Based on your filter specifications add the required amount of sand to your filter
Cartridge Filter – Make sure the filter is clean by using Filter Cleaner or purchasing a replacement filter cartridge
DE Filter –Based on your filter specifications add the required amount of DE to your skimmer

8. Clean Up Your Pool

A garden hose vacuum is a convenient way to clean the pool without taxing your pump and filter.

Now that your filter is up and running, it is time to clean your pool. If your pool is clean and clear, congratulations, job well done! Depending on your yard and attention to detail while removing the cover, there may be some debris in your pool.
Before adding any start-up chemicals, you must clean your pool. This includes: brushing the walls and hard-to-reach places, vacuuming the pool floor and skimming the surface.

9. Add Balancing and Start-Up Chemicals

Before the kids jump in the pool, it is important to test and balance the pool water. Add the proper balancing chemicals based on your pool water test. Now it is time to add the spring opening kit.
Now that your pool is properly balance, you will need to add your pool sanitizer. Throughout the swimming pool season you will need to maintain your pool chemical levels.

10. Now it is Time to Jump in and Enjoy your Pool!