Tips For Less Trips

Tips For Less Trips... To Open Your Swimming Pool

As you plan to open your pool, there are a few things to do as preparation to save time and energy once you start the process. This is a great time to conduct an annual checkup on your supplies and equipment. Like taking care of most things, conducting preventative maintenance on your swimming pool will help save money.

The following tips will help make opening your pool a breeze:

Check around the perimeter of the swimming pool for any damages or missing parts that may have occurred over the winter months. If damaged or missing parts are found, it is better to repair or replace them now to avoid more damage in the future.

Make a List of all the swimming pool chemicals that you currently have. Inspect last year’s pool chemicals to make sure they have not expired and that there is no damage to the containers. Safely dispose of expired or damaged swimming pool chemicals.

Inspect all swimming pool equipment. This should include filter systems, heaters, chlorinators and automatic pool cleaners. Round up any hardware and get replacements for any missing pieces, including drain plugs, O-rings, and hose clamps (if needed).

Gather all pool tools to determine the condition. At this time you should check the bristles on the brush to make sure they are not dull, vacuum hose is not cracked and that your test kit has not expired and that there is enough strips or liquid to test you pool water.

Write a list of all items you will need to replace including pool parts, pool chemicals, and pool tools. Being prepared will help you save time, energy and money. This will allow you to start enjoying your pool sooner.