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Which algaecide is best for your pool?

With multiple types of algaecides available, how do you determine which one is best to kill and prevent algae blooms? The algaecide that will work best for your swimming pool will depend on the type of algae you are experiencing. Algaecides can be classified into three groups:

  • Quaternary Ammonium Algaecides (Quats)
  • Polymer Algaecides (Poly-Quats)
  • Metallic Algaecides (Copper)

Quat Algaecides

Also known as Algaecide “50”, Quat algaecides are usually Quaternary compounds. Quat algaecides control algae in swimming pools and generally foam with overuse. These products can be used for controlling algae both during the summer and winter months. However, they are not very effective at killing large algae blooms but are an effective tool to aid in preventing them.

Robelle Algaestroy 50 is a non-metallic algaecide that destroys and prevents black, green/blue and yellow/mustard algae. This product's concentrated formula is non-staining and leaves absolutely no residue.

Poly-Quat Algaecides

These algaecides are generally known as “60” algaecides due to having a 60% concentration. Poly-Quats work by attaching to algae cells to weaken the outer shell. Poly-Quats can be used to kill or prevent algae growth in your swimming pool.

Robelle Black Algaecide is effective at controlling most types of algae growths. This non-foaming, non-metallic algaecide does not affect pH and will not stain or leave a residue in your swimming pool.

Metallic Algaecides

Generally copper based, metallic algaecides are effective at treating all types of algae including green, yellow and black. Copper is considered to have algaestatic properties and is harmful to algae. The higher the copper level the more effective it will be. Carefully follow the dosage instructions as metallic algaecides can cause staining if not used properly.

Robelle 3 Month Algaecide contains 11.8% copper. It kills and prevents blue-green, yellow and black algae for 90 days. This product is non-foaming and non-staining when used properly.

In order to increase effectiveness of your pool algaecide, do not add shock and algaecide at the same time. You should always balance your pH, alkalinity, water harness and stabilizer before adding algaecide. Remember to carefully follow the dosage instructions on the labels.