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Which Stabilized Chlorine Type is best for you?

Which Stabilized Chlorine Type is best for you?

Robelle 3" Jumbo Tabs are the industry standard for Stabilized Chlorine

Chlorine for above ground pools is the same as chlorine for in ground swimming pools. There is no best chlorine type for any certain pool. Stabilized chlorine is recommended because it has an additional chemical added to it called Cyanuric Acid. This chemical is best described as a sunscreen for your chlorine and helps protect the chlorine from burning off due to the sun. Stabilized chlorine comes in both tablet and granular form and is available in a variety of quantity options.

There are a few benefits to using stabilized chlorine in either form. Stabilized chlorine can help reduce the amount of chlorine that is used in your swimming pool. This type of chlorine will also help you save money over time due to using less chlorine in your pool. Lastly, it makes your job of taking care of the pool easier and less time consuming. These benefits will allow you to begin enjoying your pool sooner!

Types of Stabilized Chlorine

5-in-1 Tabs or Multi-Tabs do much more than simply sanitize your pool.

​One of the most common forms of stabilized chlorine is chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets are available as 1” Feeder Tabs, 3” Jumbo Tabs and Sticks and 3” Multi-Purpose Tabs. Whether you call it a tab, stick or puck, they are all made from Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione. The 1” Feeder Tabs and 3” Jumbo Tabs and Sticks consist of 99% Trichlor and are all slow-dissolving tablets. The 3” Jumbo Tabs are generally less expensive per pound than the Feeder Tabs. 1” Feeder Tabs are best suited for use in small pools. Automatic chlorinators and chlorine dispensers should be used to dispense all slow-dissolving tablets.

​Multi-Purpose Tabs are 94% Trichlor chlorine tablets with additional ingredients added to help keep your pool clear. These 5 in 1 tablets are mixed with clarifiers, stain-inhibitors, algaecides and descalers. In addition to sanitizing your pool water, these tablets will help prevent algae growth, reduce staining and scaling, and clarify your water.

Granular Chlorine in use.

The other form of stabilized chlorine is a certain type of granular pool shock. While granular still has the stabilizer in the chemical compound (SodiumDichloro-S-Triazinetrione) the difference comes in the percentage of available chlorine and the effect of granular chlorine on the pool water. Stabilized chlorine shock or granular should have 56% available chlorine. What it lacks in potency it makes up with by having virtually no effect on your pool water pH level.

A Few Chlorine Safety Tips

  • Do not mix different chlorine types together as they can react violently.
  • Every chemical has a label that explains the best way to transport, store and use the chlorine. Follow the label instructions.
  • Keep chlorine away from children and store in a cool, dry location.
  • So “Which Type of Stabilized Chlorine is best for you?”, the answer to that question really comes down to your preference. There is no wrong choice as it is recommended to buy the best chlorine for your needs at the best price.