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Which Winter Cover is Right For You?

Which Winter Pool Cover is best for you: Winter or Safety?

When searching for a winter pool cover, the best cover is the one that meets your specific needs within your budget. There are a few types of covers available. Winter covers, which are available for both above ground and in-ground pools, are generally a large oversized tarp style cover that keeps debris out of the pool. Safety covers are generally made out of a stronger material and can last much longer. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a winter cover and a safety cover.

Winter Covers

As stated above, winter covers are generally a large, oversized tarp that is designed to keep debris out of your swimming pool and lessen the amount of algae. These types of covers are available as mesh or solid covers and generally last a few years based on location, use and Mother Nature. They are available for both above and in-ground swimming pools and will overlap the edge of the pool by anywhere from 3’ to 5’ based on the series of cover. Above ground winter covers will come with a cable and winch for attaching to the pool while in-ground winter covers will have water bag loops on the cover to provide a place for water tubes (sold separately) to be placed.

Winter covers are generally easier to install than a safety cover and usually readily available. These covers cost less and keep the swimming pool clean. Even though these covers are made of durable material, branches, snow and rain can damage winter covers. In-ground winter covers require water tubes to hold the cover in place which can also get damaged or become slimy while safety cover use anchors and springs to hold the cover in place.

Safety Cover

Safety pool covers are made of a stronger material than winter covers and can withstand much more weight. These covers are also available in mesh and solid material and are made to deter algae while keeping larger debris out of your swimming pool. These covers provide safety for kids, adults and animals. As they were initially intended for in-ground covers, there are special anchors available for customers who have an above ground pool fully encompassed by a wooden deck. In most cases safety covers overlap the pool’s edge by 12”. These covers generally last much longer than winter covers if properly cared for.

Safety covers will help prevent access to the pool and can supports thousands of pounds. As opposed to winter covers, safety covers present a neat and clean appearance around the swimming pool as they are a better fit and are low maintenance. Initially, safety covers are higher in price than winter covers but the cover will pay for itself over time. They do require a bit more to installation as a hammer drill will be needed. There are “stock” covers available in rectangle and grecian shapes readily available while custom covers are also available with a little longer lead time.

As there are a few choices to help protect your pool over the winter, only you can determine which cover will be best for your swimming pool however we at Splash Super Center always available to help and answer any questions you may have!