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Solar Ball For 30,000-Gallon Pool

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    Solar Ball For 30,000-Gallon Pool


    • Treats 15,000 Gal. Pools for up to two months
    • Treats 30,000 Gal. Pools for up to a month
    • Reduces evaporation and heat loss
    • Safe for all pools and environmentally friendly
    • Can be used with all sanitizers and does not effect chemistry
    SKU #30K
    ApplicationRetains Heat
    Package ContentsSingle Ball
    CategoryPool Chemicals: Water Treatment

    The Solarball is a pool blanket in a ball that treats pools up to 30,000 gallons. Shake well before using. Pierce black dots as per instructions. Reduces evaporation and heat loss. Safe for all pools. Environmentally safe. The majority of daily heat loss is due to evaporation. Solarball minimizes heat loss by forming an ultra thing invisible barrier on the surface of the water to reduce evaporation. Its patented delivery system gradually releases the formula into the filtration system to allow optimum coverage. One ball treats a 15,00 gallon pool for up tow two months and up to one month for a pool with up to 30,000 gallons of water. Solarball can be used with all types of sanitizers, is safe for all pool surfaces and will not affect pool chemistry. For best results angle the returns downward to decrease surface movement, as the solar ball is most effective in still water. Uneven distribution or use in water below 70 degrees may produce residues which should disappear in a few days. Instructions. 1. Determine the number of Solarballs needed according to the pool size. 1 ball per 1,000 square feet of surface area of 30,000 gallons. Shake well before using. Pierce all four dots where indicated. Pierce two additional holes on the opposite side of the capsule with pin provided. With the filter running, place balls in skimmer and allow liquid to dispense. Do not place in skimmer with chlorine tablets. Remove the solarball after 3-5 days, or when ball liquid is clear in color and discard in trash Replace when necessary to maintain water temperature.


    SolarBall knows pool chemistry is important and produces a product that not only doesn't effect pool chemistry but reduces evaporation to save on chemical usage. They produce easy to use products with long-lasting results at an affordable price.
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